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Hey former ICEBERG Listeners!!

George Christie
ICEBERG was operated under contract with Astral Media from Toronto, where I was the program director, producer and announcer.  Sadly, with this contract expiry and a shift in programming vision by Sirius/XM plus the final merger changes in Canada, ICEBERG ceased to broadcast in the early morning hours of August 31, 2011.

At that time, channel 151 had a complete format flip, electing to operate a narrow format "new" and alternative music playlist without jocks or imaging.

Sirius/XM's use of the name "ICEBERG" for this new channel is completely legitimate as this is their brand.  It has however, caused much listener confusion and backlash as they tune in to their ICEBERG and find that sonically, it is not there - it has flipped formats.

So, the ICEBERG you knew and loved  is no more.

I, on behalf of my crew would like to personally thank all of our listeners for their 6 years of loyalty and their love of Canadian music and artists.  This page will soon be converted back to my personal music page and will be updated to reflect my new affiliations.

Thank you all.  It has always been about the listeners to me and that's how I proudly served up the music, the shows, the live performances and the artist interviews.  - One listener at a time.  You!



December 5 , 2005 - August 31, 2011

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